River Bend

Prospective Members

Ground School MeetingWe are excited that you are interested in joining River Bend!  The first step is for you to fill out the form below (and press the Submit button).  At that point, our Membership Coordinator will call you to discuss membership and arrange an evaluation ride (except for Unmounted Memberships).  You will be encouraged to attend one of our  lessons as well.  Once approved, you will need to complete the USPC Membership Form and pay dues for the calendar year.  Dues cover a member for a calendar year* and cover membership at three levels: national, regional, and local club payments:

National Level Membership in United States Pony Club (USPC) – $140,

Regional Level Membership in Virginia Region Pony Clubs (VRPC) – $26, and

Local Level Membership in River Bend Pony Club (RBPC) – $125 ($40 unmounted/college)

River Bend Pony Club offers three types of memberships:

Riding Membership – Regular full membership allowing participation in any club, regional or national activity that the member is qualified for.

Horsemasters Membership – Regular full membership for 18+ years of age allowing participation in any club, regional or national activity that the member is qualified for (follows USPC Horsemasters curriculum).

College Membership – Member away at school and thus not able to participate in mounted lessons or competitions on a regular basic. This membership type does allow for full participation during school breaks and holidays.

Unmounted Membership – Member may attend ground schools, any non-riding rally, and any riding rally as a Stable Manager.  Member may also convert to a Riding Membership at any time by having a successful evaluation ride and paying the difference between the Unmounted and Riding Membership fees.

* After September 1, USPC and VRPC offer discounted/prorated memberships, combining 16 months worth of membership at a discounted price. River Bend does not currently offer a discount/prorated dues amount. Please work with us to calculate the correct amount if you wish to join between September and December.



Our families & friends are invited to use the link to Amazon’s website on the right on our Home page to help raise money for RBPC.  We earn a small percentage of every sale when this link is used!  Thank you!